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An  interesting part is in the marked box  in each diagram. With the new way of using SPR - Color SPR Imaging, using multiple wavelengths - it is possible to achieve higher sensitivity, see diagrams below.

SPR Imaging -

The next generation  of  SPR with high sensitivity  in  combination with high performance  and productivity.

Knut Johansen, PhD


Knut Johansen has more than 25 years of  experience within the area of developing complex and high performing  systems, such as measurement instruments and devices. By combining optical methods, such as SPR, biomedical knowledge, physics, chemistry, electronics and software along with experiments, advance simulation methods and applied mathematics,  a state of the art  innovation for SPR Imaging has been designed. The new SPR imaging technique is patented. 

SPR Imaging

Our outstanding technology is illustrated by the SPR curves below - one curve showing a standard Black&White SPR (blue curve, to the left) and one our new SPR imaging curve using multile wavelengths (red curve, to the right). It is obvious how much more information our new technology will bring. The the two setups use the same type of components to be comparable. You can use smaller molecules, lower concentrations, lower affinity, and you can use lower immobilisation levels to avoid mass transport problems, to mention a few benefits. Performance is dependent on the components used, but in every aspect, our new technology will outperform traditional SPR instruments.